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Trendy and fashionable jewelry to get you through those stressful and anxious days. 


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The Perfect Support Companion

Anxiety Support Jewelry

Van Cleef Inspired Anxiety

Inspired Van Cleef 2n1 Reversible

Gold Titanium Stainless Steel Aromatherapy, Non Tarnish Luxury Necklace. 

Natural Remedies Anxiety Necklace

Spinning Crystal Love Clover

A Stunning Spinning Gold Titanium Stainless Steel Aromatherapy Love Clover. 

Circle of Love Tibet

Tibetan Detailed Circle of Love

Beautiful and Dainty Stainless Steel Tibetan inspired circle of love aromatherapy Necklace


We Believe In

Confidence, Good Vibes and Self Empowerment 

This  line of fashionable, functional and always on trend aromatherapy necklaces took 5 years for me to introduce! Our high quality, non tarnish, hypoallergenic and long lasting affordable jewelry is the perfect support companion for the anxious days. At school, at work or just on the go, these beautiful pieces are there to keep the peace. A must have accessory.  Jus Breathe necklaces are designed to provide the therapeutic benefits of aromatherapy. Be beautiful, gain back your confidence and maintain your peace

Your High Fashion

Aromatherapy Diffuser Jewelry

Youngliving Anxiety moon Necklace

Over the Moon

Sterling Silver necklace with over the moon charm – comes with essential oil

Ball and Chain Aromatherapy Necklace

Ball and Chain

Sterling Silver necklace with rose gold lava stone – comes with essential oil

Jusbreathejewelry Circle

Circle of Love

Sterling Silver necklace with circle of love charm- comes with essential oil

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Aromatherapy Diffuser Jewelry


Feel Good, Look Good, Fashionable, Luxury Jewelry.

Hypo allergenic, gold titanium stainless steel, so you are worry free about tarnishing.

Essential Oil comes with every purchase so you can put this necklace to work and receive the benefits immediately.

Super stylish, the perfect support necklace some with spinning fidgets that keeps your mind busy and gives your  brain a activity to do all while also concentrating on breathing by inhaling the therapeutic aroma of essential oils which can help eliminate overwhelmness.

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